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Beware of fake Happycall products

Beware of fake Happycall products

Please ensure that you made the purchase from us, My Cookware Australia®. Many customers who complained that they did not receive their items actually made their purchases on another website.

Beware of fake products from unauthorised resellers. Recently a handful of customers placed orders online for Happycall products, but instead they received fake products sent from overseas.

Happycall confirmed that these are imitations with no guarantee of quality. There is also no proof that the products have passed any safety tests.

Always buy from authorised dealers in Australia.

Please note that the price of Happycall products are unified in Australia. All resellers stick to the same price. 

If you look for a cheaper product beyond My Cookware Australia® or the official website of Happycall Australia. There is always the risk of buying fake products or receiving no product at all. We receive complaints from customers who purchased products from unauthorised resellers, including resellers on some well-known third-party platforms.

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