We proudly introduce our prmium Japanese carbon steel woks & pans



Kiwame uses special heat-treated metal to create the ultimate frying pan series.
Special Heat Treatment: By formulating layers of iron nitride and iron oxide on the frying pan’s surface, it makes it highly resistant to rust and incredibly strong and durable.


Kiwame’s Features

  • Stores lots of heat and fully conveys it to food, making for crisp stir-fry and aromatic roasts.
  • e oil-conducive surface’s superior friction resistance means it will never get scratched.
  • Naturally adds dietary iron to all food prepared with it.
  • Incredible rust-resistance and low-maintenance requirements make clean up a snap.
  • Can be used with all stoves, including 200vIH (electromagnetic cookers).

However, please be aware that 16cm and 18cm frying pans, 20cm stir-fry pans, tamago yaki pans, extra small pans, Asian pans, 27cm Peking pans, and 27cm woks cannot be used with IH cookers because their 12cm or smaller surface areas don’t heat larger pans enough.

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