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Located in Australia  ✲  New arrival sale
Iris Ohyama Japanese Thermal Cooker

Iris Ohyama Japanese Thermal Cooker

Iris Ohyama Thermal Cooker
Iris Ohyama Kitchen Chef
Iris Ohyama Kitchen Chef Thermal Cooker  (Japanese Edition)

It is the safest and most energy efficient way to cook. It keeps cooking by heat retention after initial heat-up for just 15 minutes.

In short, it is a slow cooker that saves up to 80% energy consumption. Imaging heating up your food for 15 minutes in the morning, and the meal would be ready by the time you get home after work. You can also bring it round on your road trips and use it on campings and caravans.

The Japanese technology ensures the highest heat retention rate and outperforms many similar products on the market. Thermos Shuttle Chef® shallow inner pot allows for easy handling while its 5mm reinforced base ensures that food does not get over cooked or burnt. 
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