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Ise Mizu Donabe Konro Grill Size 10 (2-4 People) - Made in Japan

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The donabe konro grill is a combination of a Japanese clay pot and insulated material that allows for a Japanese barbeque/BBQ in a small open space.

Simply place clean water in the bottom of the main unit and then use a trivet for Japanese binchotan (white charcoal). Place the mesh on top. This combination allows the slow and even release of heat.

The product includes a wooden base, the donabe (main body), a trivet and a 29cm reusable round mesh.

You can buy a spare resuable or disposable round mesh on our website. Additional trivets are available for purchase as well.

Diameter About 29cm (size 10)
Height About 10.6cm / 14cm with trivet
Weight About 3.2kg
Serving Size 2-4 persons
Main body: Japanese clay
Trivet: diatom mud
Base: wood
Mesh: steel (nikel chrome plated) 
Country of Origin Body, trivet and base: Japan
Mesh: China

How to use a donabe konro grill/hibachi grill?

  1. Place the main body of the stove on the base and add water (about 2cm deep).
  2. Add charcoal to the trivet and place it on a portable gas stove outdoors to make sure it is sufficiently lit.
  3. When the charcoal burns, place the trivet on top of the main unit and then cover the donabe with the 29cm reusable round metal mesh.

Use and Care:

  • Use the grill outdoors in well-ventilated areas to avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Place a heat resistant mat under the grill to avoid heating the surface underneath.
  • Do not extinguish the fire with water.
  • When you are finished using the grill, wait for the coals to burn out completely.
  • Users may simply place the binchotan white charcoal into a Japanese charcoal extinguishing pot. The is a great pot to allow us to reuse binchotan. Simply place the binchotan white charcoal into the pot and covered with lid. The charcoal would extinguish because of lack of oxegen.
  • Let the donabe grill cool down, and then wash it with warm water. Do not submerse the grill in water.
  • Do not wash the trivet with water. You may gently remove the ash and food residue with a sponge or brush, but avoid washing the trivet with water.
  • Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.

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