Why shop with us?

Here are the top reasons why we think you should shop with us!

Processing times – We usually process orders daily, and items are usually shipped out the next day around 10am EST. Contact us if you have any special shipping requirements (e.g., if you need expedited shipping) and we can attend to them.

Customer service is our priority – If you run into any problems or have any special requests, we’ll look into it for you promptly. If you contact us, you’ll usually hear back from us on the same day.

We are based in Australia – You don’t need to wait a few weeks just for your product to reach you. If you run into any problems with the products, it’s much easier for you to contact us than to someone overseas because we are local.

Cheap prices guaranteed - We work hard to stay competitive, which is why you will find that our prices beat the rest of the offers available online.

Cookware and kitchenware specialists - Our business has been in the cookware industry for well over fifty years. This is the reason why we are able to offer such competitive pricing as well as custom designs and wholesaling. You can be at ease when shopping with us as we'll be sure to address any issues to your satisfaction.