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For first-time users of carbon steel cookware

Japanese Carbon Steel Wok User Guide

The following information is mainly for first-time users of carbon steel cookware or users with the expectation that carbon steel cookware performs the same as a non-stick cookware. 

Please read this explanation carefully so that you understand the nature of a carbon steel cookware. Also, be sure that you did the first seasoning and maintenance correctly.

  1. You can access the Reddit forum using the link here. The images and video can give you an idea how carbon steel cookware performs in the kitchen. I think you will find it helpful.
  2. When you see the oil seasoning coming off, know that it is completely normal. The wok will return to its dark colour if you keep seasoning it and cooking with it. In short, a protective oil layer comes off; then you season it, you cook food and the layer will come back. It is as simple as that.
  3. On the forum, a user mentioned he seasoned the pan with many layers. Be careful! For a Japanese carbon steel wok, we only need to season with one layer, as the manufacturer did the basic layers for us.
  4. Below please find two images of the current wok I am using for your reference. I have used the 28cm Takumi Wok for about 3 years.
  5. You may also refer to point 9 and 10 of our online user guide. Substances come off no matter what. We simply season the wok and let the layer return over time.

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