Why is there no chemical coating?

Did you know that studies suggest many people have chemicals from non-stick cookware at low levels in their bloodstream?

It's not scientifically proven to be harmful, but nevertheless it's there. There are two common chemicals found in the coating of non-stick cookware. The first one is called PFOA. The second is PTFE.

PFOA is a very notorious chemical. The first incident we know of concerned a pet canary dying in a kitchen, and the second was a lawsuit regarding PFOA.  A mother worked in a non-stick cookware production factory which was located in Virginia, U.S.A., while pregnant. 50 thousand residents living around the factory filed a lawsuit. The company agreed to a settlement and paid $50M in cash to the residents plus $22M in legal costs. The company also spent $10M in order to filter out PFOA of the water, but at the same time they denied that PFOA posed any danger to the public.

The shocking truth is that at least 90% Americans have PFOA in their blood; PFOA is an extremely hardy chemical, and it stays in the bloodstream for years. According to Environment Working Group, even if all new exposures to PFOA were stopped, it would still take over 4 YEARS for your body to get rid of half of the PFOA that's accumulated in your organs and tissues.

Now you can find a lot of non-stick cookware in stores that are labeled as "PFOA and PTFE free." But we have no idea if the substitution is 100% safe. No one can guarantee that. Unless you scientifically prove that a material is harmful, it is generally considered “safe.” This is an unfortunate principle. Why unfortunate? Because we consumers are the white mice. Our kitchens are the lab of this industry.