Stainless steel rice cooker FAQ

Buffalo Rice Cooker Designs

The series of Buffalo rice cooker and smart cookers that we stock have a number of design features built into them that have come about through decades of experience in designing and manufacturing rice cookers.

  1. Detachable Cover v.s Sealed Cover

    Many traditional rice cookers have detachable covers. However, the product designer of Buffalo Cookware believes that this is not a perfect design because with a detachable cover, steam could go inside the electrical parts. In contrast, a sealed cover can prevent hygienic problems caused by steam getting inside the rice cooker.
  2. Water Cups

    You will find that newer models of rice cookers no longer have water cups. These are the containers located at the back of rice cookers that collect water produced during the cooking process. The tubes for the water cups always become dirty and are extremely difficult to clean. The best design nowadays is to have a water collection area around the rice cooker. The user can wipe away the water with a dry cloth.
  3. Heating Base

    The heating base can be dirty. We do not recommend any use of detergents for cleaning. Please make sure that the base of the rice cooker insert is clean before placing it in the rice cooker.
  4. Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is a very strong material that can endure many types of erosion; however, it can be eroded. For example, if you place a stainless wok on the beach, you may find it oxidised a week later. Therefore, you will need to clean the cookware thoroughly every time after use. Do not let salt, vinegar, or lemon juice sit on a stainless steel surface for more than 48 hours.