Buffalo Ezy Stainless Steel Small Rice Cooker (5 cups) PRE-ORDER

by Buffalo Cookware
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"Buffalo multiply stainless steel inner pot"
Buffalo Stainless Steel Rice Cooker
Special features
  • Automatic heating and warming system
  • High heat conductivity
  • Even heat transmission
  • Food grade stainless steel layer
  • Durable and not easily deformed
  • Scratch resistant
  • No chemical reaction
  • Stainless steel insert is dishwasher safe


Buffalo applies a unique buffing technology that makes the Buffalo Clad stainless steel surface extremely durable.


Model Number KW62
Capacity 1 cup up to 5 cups / 1.0 litres
Electrical Rating 220-240v 
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Colour White
Dimensions D28 x W25 x H27cm 
Insert dimensions Diameter outer inner 23cm/19cm, height 19cm
Insert weight About 0.5kg
Total weight About 1.6kg


Rice to water ratio for stainless steel rice cooker

*Please note that the instruction below is general advice only. Rice and water ratio may vary depending on the nature and mixture of rice.

Rice / Model
5-cup / 6-cup model (KW62 / 70)
10-cup model (KW 57)
Jasmine / Short Grain
Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.2 
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1
Basmati / Long Grain
Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.5
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5
Brown Rice
Soak brown rice or few hours or overnight, ratio 1 : 1.5 (not recommended for KW62)
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5


  • Capacity is measured in the approximately 160ml rice measuring cup.
  • It is always wise to allow a bit extra water when you cook less than two cups
  • Please turn off the power once the cooking time is completed. Let the rice sit for 10 minutes for better result.
  • KW62 Ezy Rice Cooker is NOT recommended for brown rice.

Taiwan technology, stainless steel inner pot made in Malaysia, outer shell made in China, assembled in Australia.