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Yoshikawa COOK-PAL REN 33cm Premium Carbon Steel Wok with Two Handles - Made in Japan

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The Cook-Pal Ren is an incredibly unique line developed by Yoshikawa Co. and manufactured 100% in Niigata, Japan, using the highest quality carbon steel for superior performing products.

Top diameter 330mm (pouring rims on both sides)
Inner diameter x depth
160mm (flat bottom)
Height 97mm
Length (including handle) 550mm
Thickness 1mm
Body material Carbon steel (heat treated)
Nitriding processing
Handle Natural wood (urethane coated)
Country of manufacture Japan
Item weight (approx) 1330g
Capacity (approx) 4L
Hobs compatibility Induction, gas, electric and ceramic
English and Japanese
Dishwasher safe
Country of origin Japan

Key Features

Japanese carbon steel uses special heat-treated metal to create the ultimate frying pan series. The layers of iron nitride and iron oxide on the frying pan’s surface make it highly resistant to rust and incredibly strong and durable.

  • Heat-treated pan which is high durable
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Pour spout for easy draining 
  • Nitriding Processing

Before first use... “Oil Seasoning”

  • First, wash the frying pan/wok’s inner and outer surface with dish soap. Once you have seasoned the inner surface with oil, you can use it right away.
  • Pour in enough oil to fill about 1/3 of your frying pan’s capacity and heat it on low for about 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and return it to an oil pot or other suitable container.
  • Use oil basting set or paper towels to spread the remaining oil fully around the pan's inner surface.

We recommend oil basting set and charcoal oil filter pot as professional tools to season and maintain carbon steel cookware at home.

Oil Basting
Yoshikawa Activated Charcoal Oil Filter Pot

When finished 

  • Carbon steel frying pans and woks are not storage containers. When finished cooking, put any leftovers in an appropriate container.
  • Use a scrub sponge to wash it with warm water. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.
  • When done, rinse the pan off and wipe it dry.
  • Season it with a tablespoon of oil before storing it.

Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.