Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker 6 Cups CRP-CHSS0609FN

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Pressure Type:  Induction Heating
Capacity: 6 Cups
Voice Navigation:  KOR, ENG, CHN
Voltage:  240 Volt / 50 Hz
Colour: Metallic
12 months
Feature: Nutritious Rice, Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Rice, Sushi Rice, Germinated Brown Rice (GABA), High Heat Nutritious Rice, High Heat Brown Rice, High Heat Mixed Rice, High Heat Glutinous Rice, Multi-Cook, Turbo Glutinous Rice, Chicken Soup, Porridge

Inner Coating: X-Wall Stainless
Inner Pot Material: Aluminium & Stainless Steel
Screen Type: Blue LED
Navigation Panel: Touch Sensitive Button
Model: CRP-CHSS0609FN
Country of Origin: Korea
Safety Feature: Remaining Pressure Emitting Device, Automatic Steam Emission Device , Lock Checking Device, Lid Locking Device, Non-Revertible Safety Device, Sensor for 3 Dimensional Warming, Auto Temperature Controlling Device, Pressure Control Device, Secondary Pressure Release Device, Soft Steam Cap, Magnetic Safety Sensor, Thermal Fuse, Malfunction Indicator, Circuit Board Fuse, Blocking Protection Cover , Electric Current Fuse, Alarm for Overheating, Slow Open Mechanism, Secondary Detachable Cover Detector, Inner Pot Detection Device, Pressure Control Device


  • Measuring cup
  • Rice scoop holder
  • Steam tray
  • User manual