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Green Bell Multi-purpose Kitchen Scissors - Pink

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Green Bell Multi-purpose Kitchen Scissors - Pink

These multi-purpose kitchen scissors are made by the reputable sharp tool manufacturer Green Bell.

This model of multi-purpose scissors has a serrated edge to enhance its durability, and the user can get a better grip on harder surfaces such as crab shells and fish bones. It cannot be used on poultry bones or hard bones.

The manufacturing base of Green Bell is located in Seki City, which has a long-standing reputation for traditional bladesmithing.

Product Information

  • Model: G-2005
  • Material: High carbon stainless steel blade, elastomer resin handle (heat-resistant temperature of 100 degrees)
  • Product type: Kitchen scissors
  • Size: 205mm, blade 70mm
  • Item weight (approx): 114g 
  • Country of origin: Japan

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