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Happycall IH Vacuum Pot 20cm 2.9L

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How does vacuum help your cooking?

  • Save energy by 50%
  • Food is kept fresh up to 5 times longer
  • Moist, tender and tasty food
  • The healthiest way to cook
  • It generates vacuum but NOT pressure (absolutely safe!)
  • Lid can be open anytime during cooking

    IH Vacuum Pot is an inventive way of cooking. It generates a vacuum after cooking. The vacuum status allows heat to retain and also allows food ingredients to release their full taste.

    Food is preserved fresher and longer inside the airtight pot by utilising the innovative automatic vacuum function.

    Visibility through the self-standing, tempered glass lid, easily opened anytime during cooking.

    Vacuum Cooking Instruction

    • Lock the handles on both sides.
    • Cook the contents until the silicone button in the center of the lid is vibrating and steam is escaping from the valve.
    • Lid can be open anytime during cooking. 
    • Switch the heat off and the pot will enter vacuum mode. This creates an airtight seal.
    • It can continue cooking for up to 60 minutes without a heat source.
    • Food can be kept fresh up to 5 times longer in vacuum even without the fridge.
    • Simply push the silicone button to release the pot from vacuum mode.
    • You will hear a hissing sound, there is no danger present.


    Compatible with all heat sources including gas, electric, ceramic and induction. 

    Volume 2.9L
    Colour Stainless Steel
    Glass lid 20cm vacuum and anti-overflow glass lid
    Body dimensions Diameter inner/outer 200/215mm, width 340mm with handles, height 87mm
    Body thickness  6mm
    Weight  About 1.04kg without lid
    Body material  Non-stick ceramic
    PFOA Free Flawless PFOA 0% 
    Hobs compatibility Induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen
    Dishwasher safe Yes
    Country of manufacture South Korea
    Maintenance & user guide Click here

    Internal and external certifications 

    • Diamond DNC coating tested
    • ISO 9001 international quality recognition
    • ISO 14001 international quality recognition
    • Far-infrared radiation test result
    • Heavy metal test result
    • PFOA test result (no environmentally harmful substance was found)