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Mikawa Kamejima Konro Grill Starter Set (4-6 People)

by Mikawa
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Mikawa Konro Grill
The Mikawa Konro Grill Starter Set includes:

The Mikawa Kamejima konro grill is a more affordable version of the Okunoto konro grill.

The grill is also made of diatom mud, a great insulators for barbeque/BBQ grills. Many affordable versions of the Japanese konro grill are made of ceramic instead of diatom mud, which is a very important part of what makes the Japanese konro grill so unique.


You can expect to see some cosmetic imperfections such as chips inside the grill, but this will not affect how the grill functions.

These products have general cosmetic imperfections in the diatom mud interiors.

Dimension L38.5cm x W22.5cm x H18cm
Grill mesh reusable konro grill mesh - medium 38cm included.
You can buy spare reusable grill meshes on our website.
Weight About 6.7kg
Serving size 4-6 persons
Model number KA0015
Exterior: stainless steel
Interior: diatom mud
Mesh: steel wire (unichrome plated)
Country of origin Grill made in Japan
Mesh made in China

What made Okunoto konro grills/hibachi grills so special?

Sometimes you can see Okunoto konro grills used in cooking competitions. These grills are also popular in Japanese barbeque restaurants.

The primary reason is the use of diatom mud from the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture. The Diatom mud from the Noto Peninsula is a great heat insulator, reflecting heat back onto the cooking surface. The walls are over 5cm thick. 

Using the Okunoto konro grill with Binchotan, the heat will be high, consistent, and concentrated. The result will be an exceptional barbeque experience.

The konro grill/hibachi grill is a good choice for grilling wagyu, yakitori, fish, vegetables and many other barbeque/BBQ recipes.  

Use and care:

  • To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, grill outdoors in well-ventilated areas.
  • Never put out the fire with water. When diatom mud absorbs water, it becomes brittle and loses its durability.
  • Remove the ash and food residue gently, but do not wash the grill with water.

The differences between konro, hibachi, and shichirin:

  • Grills are not called hibachi in Japan. The Japanese call them shichirin or konro instead.
  • The hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating device (fire bowl 火鉢 in Japanese). The shichirin is a small charcoal grill.
  • Konro grills are made from diatom mud (fossilised plankton remains) and are mined by hand in Japan. By using blocks instead of mortar, the structure becomes stronger, tighter, and more fireproof. A konro is then baked for six hours at 1,000 degrees, resulting in a product that is extremely durable.

The donabe charcoal extinguishing pot is ideal for extinguishing binchotan Japanese white charcoal and reusing it next time.

Japanese Donabe Charcoal Extinguishing Pot
  • Warranty: The replacement warranty covers defective products upon delivery, but there is no warranty for mishandling the grill.
  • We are unable to ship this item to New Zealand due to its fragility.
  • Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.

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