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Wahei Freiz Tempura Carbon Steel Deep Fryer 20cm - Made in Japan

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Wahei Freiz Tempura Carbon Steel Deep Fryer 20cm

The Wahei Freiz Tempura Carbon Steel Deep Fryer comes with a built-in thermometer that allows users to monitor cooking temperature. There is also oil tray on the lid. Lid and thermometer are detachable for cleaning.

According to the description on the box, the diameter is 20cm. The actual diameter is 21cm and 22cm with the pouring rim.

We have a complete collection of Japanese carbon steel woks and frypans.

Dimensions Diameter 20cm (22cm with pouring rim),
length with handles 28cm, height 8.3cm,
height 14.5 with lid
Weight 1.30kg
Material Carbon steel with silicone layer
Hobs compatibility All cooktops including induction
Country of origin Japan

Oil tray design
Wahei Freiz Tempura Carbon Steel Deep Fryer 20cm

Wahei Freiz Tempura Carbon Steel Deep Fryer 20cm

  • Please use soft sponge and unscratchable material for cleaning.
  • The product is not suitable for dishwasher. 
  • Users need to season the body of the deep fryer.
  • The product comes with Japanese manual only. Please refer to the user guide of carbon steel cookware.
  • We recommend oil basting set and charcoal oil filter pot as professional tools to season and maintain carbon steel cookware at home.
Oil Basting
Yoshikawa Activated Charcoal Oil Filter Pot

Maintaining a carbon steel wok/frypan without nitriding

  • Please note that the product has a food-grade silicone layer on top of carbon steel. The layer will wash away after the first wash. Oil seasoning is a must or the cookware will rust.
  • If the cookware surface is burned, do not scratch it. Adding hot water and bringing it to a boil will soften the burned food and make it easier to remove. Then use a scrubbing brush to remove any final remnants.
  • If the protective oil layer peels off, season it. Once you put the wok into use, the carbon steel will expand and absorb the cooking oil. In a few months, the colour of the wok will gradually turn to black with oxidised protective layers covering the entire wok.

Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.

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