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Happycall Zin Ceramic Nonstick Induction Vacuum Pot - 24cm High 4.6L

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Happycall Zin Ceramic Nonstick Induction Vacuum Pot - 24cm High 4.6L

Zin IH Vacuum Pot is the third generation of Happycall vacuum pots, with improved design to strengthen airtightness. The standard size is 4.6L and can be used to serve four to eight people.

Vacuum Cooking – What is it?

In vacuum cooking, the food or soup is locked in an airtight vacuum after it has been cooked. As the food is kept in vacuum mode, the taste is preserved until it is time to serve the dish. The stew and soup taste better and lose less water during cooking.

IH Vacuum Pot is an inventive way of cooking. 

  • It generates a vacuum after cooking.
  • The vacuum status allows food ingredients to release their full taste.
  • Food is preserved fresher and longer inside the airtight pot.

Visibility through the self-standing, tempered glass lid, easily opened anytime during cooking.

Vacuum Cooking Instruction

  • Lock the handles on both sides.
  • Cook the contents until the silicone button in the center of the lid is vibrating and steam is escaping from the valve.
  • Lid can be open anytime during cooking. 
  • Switch the heat off and the pot will enter vacuum mode. This creates an airtight seal.
  • Food can be kept fresh for longer in vacuum.
  • Simply push the silicone button to release the pot from vacuum mode.
  • You will hear a hissing sound, there is no danger present.
  • Beware of the heat. Hold the lid flat. Then flick off excess water before holding it upright.


Compatible with all heat sources including gas, electric, ceramic and induction. 

Volume 4.6L
Colour Black
Glass lid 24cm vacuum inner diameter and anti-overflow glass lid
Body dimensions Diameter inner/outer 240/253mm,
width 385mm with handles, height 132mm
Body thickness  6mm
Weight  About 1.36kg without lid
Body material  Non-stick ceramic
Safety Flawless PFOA, PFOS and PTFE-free 0%
Lead and cadmium-free
Hobs compatibility Induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen
Dishwasher safe Yes
Country of manufacture South Korea
Maintenance & user guide Click here

Internal and external certifications

  • ISO 9001 international quality recognition
  • ISO 14001 international quality recognition
  • Far-infrared radiation tested
  • Heavy metal tested (no environmentally harmful substance was found)
  • PFOA tested - Flawless 0%

Use & Care

  • Ceramic nonstick cookware has certain limitations, such as heat and scratches. To prevent damage, users must properly control heat. See user guide for more details.
  • The cookware can be used on gas, ceramic, electric, and induction cooktops.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jessica Lin
Easy to use and clean

I made Congee and forgot to turn the heat down, the congee was burn to brown at the bottom, but it is very easy to take it out and no burning smell in top part, when I clean the pot, just need to use hot water to remove everything. So easy to clean