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Your one-stop shop of Japanese and Korean cookware and tableware
Your one-stop shop of Japanese and Korean cookware and tableware

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Based on 564 reviews
Better than expected.

I never knew about this quality cookware until I bought my Japanese made wok from mycookware , which I must say, I absolutely love my wok. When we moved into our new home a year ago I thought i would treat myself to some new cookware. So I bought a very expensive Italian made set. I will say they are made well, BUT, the heat induction is nowhere near as good as the Happycall Zium, but the other problem it that the glass lids have steel handles the seriously burn your fingers when used. A very poor design.
The Happy Call wood handles are awesome, non stick is perfect. Will definitely be upgrading all my cookware.


Absolutely what I have been looking for , for many years. To slice vegetables to half a mililimtet is brilliant especially for making roses and other flowers

Kai Seki Magoroku Hammered Santoku knife 165mm

I don't recommend this store to anyone. Very quickly to take your money but when there is a problem they don't reply you.i try so many time asking them a bout my knife why is different from my order but no matter I tried they don't reply me .so disappointed with this store .please be aware of what you order there is many store on line serve you better then this shop

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Great service and super stylish kettle ❤️

Loving my new Miyaco Classic Stainless Steel Kettle 1.5L Black Looks fantastic, just wish it whistled!

Doable japanese clay pot 25cm .

This good looking claypot can cook DELICIOUS food .durable & safe as a rice cooker. Loved very much.

Great service

The Happy call is a great cooker particularly for fish. Stays moist. Not good for chops salmon or fatty protein as it tends to stew it
Unfortunately I dropped mine and both handles snapped off. Can’t use it now as it will not snap closed

We are glad to hear that you enjoy using the Happycall double pan. Please contact us if your pan is accidentally damaged. Stewing food is a sign that the heat you are using is too low. We have a video showing the proper heat level to use - use medium-high heat.

Konro mesh grilling

Good range, easy to order fast delivery

Love this Little clay pot

after purchasing a couple of other clay pots .. was super happy to find and cook on this one, perfect size for one person sticky rice (every time) clay pot ! love it !

Zojirushi SL-GH18-BA Insulation Bento Lunch Box 1.2L
Good Quality

My lunch still warm after more than 5Hours 👍

Danobe’s Rock

I am totally in love with my Danobe. It provides a wonderful way to make quick, easy, low cost interesting one pot meals. 💕💕💕Jen
My Cookware product and customer service is exceptional. Thank you!

Daikoku Donabe (Japanese Clay Pot) Rice Pot with Double Lids 2 Cups
Excellent quality product

The professional quality in packaging and quality of merchandise is excellent.
The product is exactly what was advertised and arrived promptly, thank you so
Much for a quality donabe pot I can’t wait to season it and start cooking In my new pot,

Thank you
Best regards
Tony from Churchill Victoria

すばらしい - amazing!!

The products are excellent and the service is excellent… every time delivery is so fast and the packing is next level! ほんとねーすごいですありがとうございます

Best Tiger Ricecooker

So happy with my purchase. Ease of online purchase. Delivery was efficient. Rice was done to perfection. Staff at My Cookware was very nice when I enquired about another product.

Good quality and perfect size for a good family meal

The delivery of the Donabe was very quick and with care. Love the quality and size of the Donabe. Looking forward to many more warm winter meal cooking.

Just works, no fuss

I am so glad I bought this one. I have two Tiger rice cookers; the more expensive “pressure cooker” type one that I bought previously takes an absolute age to cook the rice. I bought this one because of that experience and it’s great. Cooks rice beautifully, no fuss and fast. Worth it.

Saji Donabe Japanese Clay Pot Steamer Plate 23cm (Size 9) - Made in Japan
Wonderful Ceramic Steamer

I couldn't rate this steamer highly enough. Beautifully made from the same earthenware as a donabe, and able to be used in such a variety of ways. Mine fits into a heavily used cast iron dutch oven, and has changed my cooking for the better. It is much easier to incorporate steam cooking into your life with ceramic (much easier to clean than bamboo or metal, and more beautiful, and a lot less fiddly than electric). It's an innovative item, thanks!

Great quality

Great quality and retained heat well even after 2 hours off the heat. We made Nabe and it fed 5 people. Just the right amount. Probably perfect for 4 people. Couldn’t fit the whole cabbage in so we had leftovers for the next day.

Very nice!

The wraping was great and because it was sent to where I was staying interstate I did not have to go and look for wrapping papper. Thank you My Cookware.

There's No Going Back

For 16 years I used a cheap $15 rice cooker, and thought surely there would be no discernable difference between that and the more expensive models. How wrong I was. Now that we have upgraded to the Zojirushi, I will never be able to go back. I have never had home cooked rice turn out fluffier and tastier than I have since using this beautiful machine. If you've been on the fence, unsure if more expensive models are worth it, consider this review the push you need! It's well worth it.

Mothers Day

Bought Kettle so my grandchildren could give it to their mum for Mother’s Day and she loves it on the wood stove, beautiful kettle

Happycall 15-Piece Premium Ceramic Nonstick Induction Cookware Set - Green


That’s the one I need. Thank you!

Great product!

Easy to use and clean. Excellent results in a variety of dishes.

Great product

This isn't the first River Light utensil I've bought from MyCookware... my previous was a wok - similar Nitrided Carbon Steel. This was a terrific addition to my kitchen utensils.... and this Omelette pan is no different. It's simply a quality product which, when treated as recommended by River Light, will perform well.

Shichita Mino Yaki Cat 5-Piece Side Bowl Set