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Trust us to handle your parcels with care

Trust us to handle your parcels with care

Our packing team delivered on our promise to package every single item carefully, especially for fragile items such as potteries, donabe clay pots, and konro hibachi grills.

A majority of our compliment emails mention our good packaging, which ensures the products arrive intact. Around 30% of compliments are impressed with our follow-up after the purchase.

Here are some comments from our customersTHE CARE OF YOUR PARCELS IS MATTER TO US

We ensure fragile items are well protected during packing. In the event of transitional damage, the replacement will be fast, efficient, and hassle-free. Packages are picked up every day by couriers or Australia Post.

Recent extreme weather events and COVID all contribute to logistical delays. We have been doing an excellent job coping with the changes.

*The article was written by Ada, our packing specialist.



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