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Warranty & Repair

Warranty registrations 

  • To register your warranty, please fill out this warranty registration form.
  • If you disagree with our privacy policy, you may keep your receipt for warranty purposes.
  • Warranty registrations are always safe even if the proof of purchase is lost.
  • Please refer to the section below for steps on how to file a warranty claim or repair request. 

Warranty claims and repairs

All products come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Our warranty does not cover mishandling by the user, e.g., accidental damage and commercial use.

Steps to take

  • Fill the warranty & repair from online;
  • Our customer support team will contact you as soon as possible;
  • If you need to post us the item, we recommended that you keep the original packaging, i.e. boxes, as that will make it easier for us to dispatch a courier to pick up the defective item.

Resellers and agents in Australia are welcome to use this form to assist customer enquires. 

What is covered?

We warrants our products are free from defects in material and craftsmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not cover damage due to accidents (including overheating), misuse or commercial use, improper cleaning, neglect, and does not cover staining, discolouration, or scratching of the non-stick finish and the porcelain enamel or stainless steel interior and exterior. Damage caused by the use of cooking sprays, bleach or overheating are not covered by this warranty. Minor imperfections and slight colour variations are normal. This warranty does not include Vacuum Pot and Double Pan parts subject to replacement such as gaskets and handles. Dishwasher effects and damages are not covered under the warranty. Using scouring pads, steel wool, abrasive cleansers, or metal utensils on any product will invalidate your warranty.

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