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Your one-stop shop of Japanese and Korean cookware and tableware
The Design Philosophy of dogado and Korean-made Cookware

The Design Philosophy of dogado and Korean-made Cookware

Dogado Cookware
dogado is designed with light colors that look great in modern kitchens, and it saves space when stored.

This interview features Kang Beom-gyu, CEO of Present, who is responsible for developing the latest dogado cookware series. The design and ideas behind Korean products are key reasons for their growing popularity.

Kang managed a design research center at the university and worked on a variety of national design projects during his tenure as a professor. In addition, he was the head designer of the reputable cookware brand Happycall. He designed the popular Happycall double pan in 2002.

Currently, Kang is working on external lectures, advisory committee work, and book projects. His published works include Writing Poetry, Drawing Poetry; Ramen Restaurant is Different If a Designer Does It; and BUSAN. Among his other accomplishments, the Korean brand Doori sells an innovative toilet cover, which was designed by Kang, and it is number one in the country's potty market.

Q: What makes your design products so popular in Korea?

The reason that my company was able to take a leap forward was because it addressed what made people feel uncomfortable, and the design was good. We are not simply making another product, but a product to solve people's problems.

Q: Can you elaborate on how your design solves people's problems?

For example, dogado is designed with light colors that complement most modern kitchen styles, and it saves space when you store it. The cookware itself can be used as a serving plate on the dining table. The design is suitable for cities where living space is becoming limited.

Duri is another good example. It's a normal toilet cover that comes with a toddler toilet cover. It became easier to train your child to use the potty with Duri products. Once toilet habits are formed, toddlers use toilets like adults. In addition, it solves the storage and cleaning problems.

Our design is constantly being improved based on feedback from our customers.

Dogado Cookware

Q: Could you elaborate on how your company invests in research and development?

R&D is conducted like internal research at a university. Moreover, we support our employees' requests for external training whenever possible. A very specific example would be how a product looks after 10,000 uses in real life. In order to obtain the information we need, a proper R&D facility is required. Our products are improved based on the data from our findings.

A simple design change, such as changing the length and material of a handle, can make a huge difference. We aim to create a culture where everyone's feedback is heard and no one is afraid to voice their opinion. The ability to think critically encourages us to improve our products from time to time.

Q: Is there any specific plan for the future development of your products?

In addition to meeting people's needs, we strive to make products that are environmentally friendly. Our product is not zero-waste, but compared to existing products, it can reduce waste by using fewer materials. It also lasts longer and can be recycled. We will continue to make products that the Earth loves. Through such a process, we will create a brand that people love.

*The interview was conducted and written by Alex, our media coordinator.


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