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Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
The Benefits of Adam Liaw's Noritake Tableware: Why It's a Kitchen Must-Have

The Benefits of Adam Liaw's Noritake Tableware: Why It's a Kitchen Must-Have

Adam Liaw, a celebrated MasterChef winner and Australian chef, has collaborated with Noritake to launch the Everyday Tableware collection. This line distinguishes itself through its practicality, resilience, and elegant design, making it an essential addition to any home.

Small Bowls & Plates: Perfect for East Asian Cuisine

The small plates and bowls in this collection are precisely engineered for East Asian meals. Ideal for eating rice with chopsticks, these items cater excellently to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. They're also perfect for serving smaller dishes, desserts, or snacks during afternoon tea.

Crafted from commercial-grade porcelain, these pieces are not only durable but also safe for use around children.

Versatile Medium Plates & Bowls

The medium-sized bowl is versatile enough for various dishes, from instant noodles to breakfast cereals and even Japanese donburi. Along with the medium plate, these items can be used for storing leftovers in the fridge, reheating in the microwave, or even cooking in the oven.

Their practical dimensions ensure they fit comfortably in dishwashers, avoiding the inconvenience of larger, cumbersome bowls.

Large Plates & Bowls: Spacious & Practical

The large 25cm plate provides ample space without being overly bulky. Its design features a flat centre to contain sauces, enhancing the presentation of your meals. The raised edges make handling easier, offering a secure grip.

The corresponding large 23cm bowl can be used either above or beneath the plate, making it ideal for a wide range of dishes, from pasta to Southeast Asian cuisine.

Elegant Minimalist Design

The Noritake tableware by Adam Liaw features a minimalist aesthetic with understated patterns and a neutral colour scheme. This design ensures the tableware fits seamlessly into any dining environment, from casual family meals to formal dinner parties, complementing various dining decors beautifully.

Sustainable Food Storage

Innovatively, the plates and bowls are designed to double as covers for each other, offering versatile storage solutions in the fridge, oven, or microwave. Each size is perfectly paired: small plates with small bowls, medium with medium, and large with large, allowing them to be used interchangeably as lids.

This smart design reduces the need for plastic wraps, promoting a more sustainable kitchen.

We are confident that Adam Liaw's Noritake Everyday Tableware will not only enhance your dining experience but also bring a refined elegance to your table setting. Look forward to additional patterns and colour themes in the future, which will continue the minimalist aesthetic while introducing more variety to the collection.

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The inspiration behind Adam Liaw's Everyday Tableware Series is rooted in adapting to our modern dining habits. This innovative tableware is perfect for any meal and dining style.

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