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How to get started with Cookcell Hybrid Stainless Steel Woks/Pans

If you read comments posted about Cookcell woks/pans, you will find that some customers praise its non-stick and non-scratch performance, while others experience the frustration of foods sticking, like a simple fried egg. Why?

Understand Cookcell's stainless steel structure

It is because users need to understand the nature of a stainless steel wok/frypan: it requires proper heat to perform well. Is Cookcell a stainless steel wok/frypan? Yes, definitely! 

Cookcell uses a patented honeycomb structure to protect its non-stick layers. The stainless steel structure is thick, so you need to let the wok/frypan heat up properly before cooking anything. 

1. Cooking 101: proper heating

For experienced stainless steel users, the following information will be like Cooking 101. For new users, you will find the attached video and the detailed steps below helpful. 

Preheating and the use of oil is important because there is a thick layer of stainless steel to protect the non-stick layer. Please cook on medium heat all times or until you feel the surface is reasonably hot enough for cooking.

Please note these steps and refer to the video above:

  • Add some oil first, and then preheat the wok/frypan for 30-60 seconds. 
  • Preheat for a longer time if you are using a cooktop with less efficient heat, such as a ceramic cooktop. The main point is that you must determine that the surface is reasonably hot enough for cooking.
  • In the video, we preheated the wok for about 1 minute on medium heat. The heat level is 7, if 10 is the maximum. Some cooktops need up to 2 minutes to preheat.
  • Remember a reasonably heated pan and heated oil (not overheating) are key
  • These key steps are not just for Cookcell, but also for most of the other the cookware, including Happycall non-stick woks/pans and Japanese carbon steel woks/pans.
  • Turn down the temperature anytime the wok/frypan is too hot. 

2. Clean your frpan/wok thoroughly before use

For stainless steel cookware, Cookcell applies a layer of oil after manufacture as a corrosion-protective measure. The black colour we may wipe off the stainless steel surface is actually an oil layer. The oil layer can be easily removed with warm water.

  • Cooking oil: put cooking oil on a paper towel and wipe off the oil layer.
  • Oil and baking soda: put oil in wok/frypan. Then add baking soda as well and wipe off. Alternatively, put water in wok/frypan. Then add baking soda and boil.
  • Vinegar and water: put vinegar and water in wok/frypan and boil.
  • Normal dish detergent: wash wok/frypan with normal detergent.

3. How to wash Cookcell woks and frypans after use?

Be sure to let the cookware cool down before washing it. Most of the time, cookware can be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent.

In case of stubborn stain, as shown in our cola chicken recipes, you may use stainless steel scrubber or steel wool to clean it. Bakers Friend can be used if the wok is burnt.

4. Avoid high heat

The non-stick layer could be damaged by high heat, just as with other non-stick cookware. Proper heating and maintenance are needed for a consistent performance.

5. If food is burnt

We recommend avoiding burning your Cookcell woks and frypans. Each time you burn a cookware, it damages the nonstick surface. Burnt and high heat are the biggest threats to non-stick cookware. Below you will find more details.

Adding hot water and bringing it to a boil will soften the burned food and make it easier to remove. Then use a stainless steel scrubber or steel wool to remove any final remnants.

Test and experiment. Please us know if you need further assistance anytime. 

6. Keep out of reach of children. 

Here is the user guide provided by Cookcell Australia. 
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