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Your one-stop shop of Japanese and Korean cookware and tableware

Japanese Pure Titanium Wok / Pan User Guide

Please read the instruction manual before first use to ensure safety. Titanium is lightweight yet as strong as stainless steel, highly resistant to acid and corrosion, and does not require frequent seasoning.

  1. Season titanium cookware prior to initial use; subsequent seasoning after each use is not necessary.
  2. Due to its quick heating, proper temperature control is essential. Use medium and low heat at all times.
  3. Ensure cookware stability on the stove, avoiding high heat and unattended cooking.
  4. The appearance of a colour change is a sign of a protective layer of titanium oxide forming, which is normal and beneficial.
  5. Expect marks and patterns to develop with use; this is typical.
  6. Store cookware out of reach of children for safety.

Titanium cookware does not impact the taste of food and is considered non-toxic. It is not nonstick and should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Use oils with a high smoke point for cooking.

Note: pure titanium cookware comes with a protective layer of food-grade silicone resin. This coating is designed to wear off slowly through normal use, ensuring your cookware remains safe and effective. It is important to handle the cookware gently, as excessive scratching can remove this protective layer prematurely. 

Before First Use - Oil Seasoning: Clean the cookware with dish soap, then apply oil evenly inside. Heat the oil on low before using the cookware immediately afterward.

  1. Heat the pan and oil together using a low to medium setting.
  2. Do not use the cookware as a storage container for food. Wash it with warm water, rinse, and dry after use.
  3. Unlike other materials, titanium does not require oil for seasoning after each wash due to its oxidation resistance.

Care Tips: Avoid scratching the surface as it may remove the protective layer. For burnt food, soften it by boiling water in the cookware before scrubbing gently. Monitor the oil temperature to prevent overheating.

Additional Care: Tighten any loose handles securely. The cookware's colour may change due to the natural buildup of titanium oxide, which is safe. Uneven surfaces from heat treatment do not affect performance.

Important: Do not scratch the cookware or the protective layer will come off.

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