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Japanese Pure Titanium Wok / Pan User Guide

  • Please be sure to read this entire instruction manual before the first use to ensure the kitchen safety.

Titanium is a lightweight, stable, and exceptionally strong metal. It weighs about half of the average steel, it is as strong as stainless steel. Titanium is extremely acid-resistant and does not corrode easily.

  1. Titanium does not oxidise. Manufacturers recommend seasoning it with oil before use, but you do not need to season it after every use.
  2. Titanium is lightweight and heats quickly. It requires proper temperature control. Use medium and low heat all times
  3. The colour change occurring after use is actually a layer of titanium oxide that builds up gradually. It shields the metal from further degradation.
  4. There will be marks and patterns all over the wok once we put the wok into use.

Pure titanium is considered a safe choice for cookware because it is non-toxic, stable, resistant to acid degradation, and will not affect the taste of food.

Before first use: Oil Seasoning

First, wash the frying pan/wok’s inner and outer surface with dish soap. Once you have seasoned the inner surface with oil, you can use it right away.

  1. Pour in enough oil to fill about 1/3 of your frying pan’s capacity and heat it on low for about 5 minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat and return it to its oil pot or other suitable container.
  3. Use paper towels to spread the remaining oil fully around the pan's inner surface.

    Start cooking and cleaning

    1. Heat the pan and oil together. Use plenty of oil.
    2. Use low to medium heat level on your stove top. Pay attention to the oil - once you see signs of a heat wave, turn the heat down to low heat or stay at low heat.
    3. Once you are this setting you can start putting your ingredients.
    4. Pure titanium pans and woks are not storage containers. When finished cooking, put any leftovers in an appropriate container.
    5. Use a scrub sponge to wash it with warm water. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.
    6. When done, rinse the pan off and wipe it dry.
    7. Titanium does not oxidise. There is no need to use oil to season it.

    If food is burnt

    Adding hot water and bringing it to a boil will soften the burned food and make it easier to remove. Then use a scrub brush to remove any final remnants.

    The importance of a proper cooking temperature

    If your oil is smoking, it means your temperature is too high.

    Do not put your frypan/wok immediately on your electromagnetic cooktop with high heat. First, set the cooktop to low heat and let it heat up. Then use medium heat and slowly start to turn it up until it reaches the right temperature.

    Loose handles

    You can use a screwdriver to tighten the handle’s bolt by turning it clockwise until the handle is firmly in place.

    Change of color during use

    The colour change after use is actually a layer of titanium oxide that buildup gradually and it shields the metal from further degradation. It is perfectly safe to continue using it.

    Uneven surface

    The special heat-treatment process sometimes results in distinctive unevenness on the bottom, but this has no effect on the iron nitride and iron oxide layers or the pan’s performance. It is not possible to make a warped frying pan/wok’s bottom surface flat again. 

    Marks on wok

    Please note that once you begin using your wok, it will no longer look new. Discolouration and dark marks all over the wok are common.

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