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Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
A Shared Journey: My Cookware Australia Teams Up with Adam Liaw

A Shared Journey: My Cookware Australia Teams Up with Adam Liaw

My Cookware Australia takes pride in being the official supplier for 'The CookUp' on SBS Food, hosted by the renowned chef and author, Adam Liaw.

The Rise of a TV Celebrity

Collage featuring Adam Liaw cooking in a professional kitchen while being filmed, a page from a magazine with his profile, and him stirring food in a pot. The text below the collage reads: 'Adam is no stranger to television, having won MasterChef Australia in season 2, in which the final episode gained over 5 million views – and is still the most watched non-sport television event in Australia. His win then catapulted him into a series of travel/food shows, including Destination Flavour and Adam Liaw’s Road Trip for Good.

Adam has been hosting his latest nightly talk and cooking show on SBS Food since 2021, and he has brought on a diverse lineup of guests, including Julie Goodwin, the first MasterChef Australia winner, and rock singer James Dixon Barnes.

How Our Paths Crossed

Our relationship with Adam began many years ago when he first visited our shop and purchased a rice cooker. We always hope that each and every customer, both new and old, loves our products. Imagine our delight when Adam posted a favourable review of his new rice cooker on YouTube! The video succeeded in highlighting the product and showcasing the chef’s meticulous approach to culinary tools. We were honoured.

All Things Japanese

Adam has always been a discerning customer with a particular affinity for Japanese cookware and tableware. This is not a casual interest – Adam lived and worked in Japan for some time. Two of his previous TV series, Destination Flavour: Japan and Hidden Japan with Adam Liaw, afforded him even greater opportunities to explore Japanese cooking.

Close-up of Kishu Binchotan charcoal on the left, showing its unique texture and metallic sheen. On the right, a juicy steak is being grilled on a wire mesh over the glowing charcoal, with smoke rising from the cooking meat.

Of course, at My Cookware Australia, we take interest not only in the dishes that Adam prepares but also the cookware he uses. He once purchased a nitrided carbon steel wok as a gift for a friend (a lucky individual!), and we know that he often uses Japanese white charcoal or binchotan for his own barbecues. Like us, Adam understands the value of high-performing binchotan and enjoys both Tosa and Kishu. Cooks at his level are able to distinguish between the two varieties, much like a coffee aficionado develops the sensitivity to identify various blends. If you do not possess Adam’s heightened awareness of subtleties in binchotan, no need to fret – simply defer to his preferences, for they will not steer you wrong.

Adam Liaw smiling in a brown long-sleeved shirt, standing in a modern kitchen with white tiles. He has his hands on a wooden board with stacks of white plates and bowls in front of him. A potted plant is in the background, along with a stove and a brass pot.

Adam’s New Product Line

This year, My Cookware Australia began selling Adam’s "Everyday" series of tableware. Not surprisingly, this simple yet stunning product line is crafted by the esteemed Japanese tableware producer Noritake. Only the very best for the very best!

Do not let the sleek design of the white bowls and plates mislead you into thinking they are unremarkable. While Adam’s “Everyday” series is far less colourful than other Japanese tableware, you will discover their exceptional functionality. We certainly did. After only a few days of use, we were completely won over. Available in three sizes – small, medium, and large, the tableware will impress cooks with their ease of handling and versatility. The plates cleverly double as covers. The commercial-grade porcelain reflects Adam’s thoughtful philosophy behind his designs: this talented man possesses a deep understanding of both aesthetics and practicality in kitchenware. But do not worry – the porcelain bowls and plates are sturdy enough to handle the dishwasher. What more can you ask for?

At My Cookware Australia, we understand that the many different types of cookware and tableware available can make it difficult for customers to select products for their needs. If you follow Adam’s work, you know you can trust his judgement and intentions. Adam aims to establish his brand by offering durable, top-notch products for customers down under and beyond.

Adam Liaw smiling in a light yellow shirt, with the logo of 'The Cook Up' on the left. The background features floating vegetables and food items like a red pepper, a lemon, and an egg.

A Shared Path Forward

We see supplying the SBS program as just the starting point of our journey with Adam Liaw. We applaud all his accomplishments to date, appreciate his commitment to sharing world-class cooking, and eagerly look forward to his future endeavors. We hope this form of collaboration will further enable us to bring even more quality products and services to our loyal customers.

May your dishes be flavourful, your table guests be delighted, and your cookware be amazing!

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*Alex is the author of this article and the media coordinator for My Cookware Australia.

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