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Your one-stop shop of Japanese and Korean cookware and tableware
Happycall Rebrands to HC: The Same Quality, A New Identity

Happycall Rebrands to HC: The Same Quality, A New Identity

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The Essence of Rebranding

In recent years, Happycall underwent a rebranding process and changed its name to HC to reflect the brand's evolving identity and cater to an increasingly diverse and international customer base. The rebranding aimed to present a more modern and sophisticated image, highlighting the company's commitment to continuous innovation and superior craftsmanship.

Additionally, the name change allowed HC to better align with its expanding product range, which now includes various cookware items, kitchen gadgets, and appliances.

Your Trusted Reseller: My Cookware Australia®

My Cookware Australia, a major reseller of Happycall cookware, has been closely following the developments surrounding the brand's recent name change. In collaboration with Happycall Australia, we aim to ensure that our customers are well-informed during this transition period.

My Cookware Australia would like to reassure their customers that when they see "HC" on their newly purchased cookware, there is no cause for confusion or concern. HC is simply the new name for Happycall, and the quality and reliability they have come to expect from the brand remain unchanged. Whether customers see Happycall or HC on their cookware, they are still getting the same innovative, durable, and high-performing products that have made the brand a household name in Australia and around the world.

A Legacy of Innovation: Happycall to HC
My Cookware Happycall

Happycall, now known as HC, is a leading Korean cookware brand that has been renowned for its innovative and high-quality kitchen products since its establishment in 1999. The company made its mark in the global cookware market with the introduction of its flagship product, the Happycall Double Pan, which revolutionised the way people cooked by allowing them to flip food easily without spillage or mess.

Happycall Brand

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