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Hasegawa Anti-bacterial Non-slip Mat

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It is regarded as the best non-slip mat that doesn't lose its grip even wet.

Key Features

  • The best non-slip mat that doesn't lose its grip even wet.
  • Versatile waterproof non-slip mats for multipurpose use.
  • Can be placed underneath slippery items instead of wet cloths.
  • They are flexible enough to be used for opening jars and other items that require a firm, solid grip.
  • Flexible, yet firm enough to stand on its own for easy washing and drying.
  • Can be cut into any size by yourself.

Use & Care

  • Resists 80 degree heat (not direct heat source) for 60 minutes.
  • Dish washer safe.
  • Boiled water safe (do not boil directly).
  • Chlorine/oxygen bleach safe.
  • NOT ultraviolet safe.
  • Demension: 40 x 20 x 0.4cm


HASEGAWA is a Japanese company based in Chiba prefecture, Japan. It started its business in 1955 and produced products using its professional knowledge on the cutting board industries. 

Made in Japan