Kai Seki Magoroku Diamond and Ceramic Sharpener

by My Cookware Australia

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Very convenient for daily use sharpness revives in three steps ! Shapuna is a simple formula , there is no need to adjust your own angle , treatment is so simple . However, when you try to find abrasive gear of knife sharpness has gone down , the sharpness of the real , it is also a lot of items opinion that unsatisfactory . So , it 's made ​​in order to resolve such complaints , sharpener of this place ! Grindstone three kinds of different nature is attached to one , by using each of these in turn , sharpness of knife sharpness fallen it is possible to revive it easier to . - 3STEP- in sharpener STEP1. Use a diamond wheel of coarse high grinding capacity , we sharpen the cutting edge worn . STEP2. By use a ceramic grindstone , thinning the cutting edge and improves cutting . STEP3. To finish , use a fine ceramic grinding wheel , I prepare a smooth tip of the blade . In addition , detailed illustrations as well since they will be represented in the package , you can use it easily anyone . Body fits easily into , transparent cover of sliding is listed with , after the work is finished , it is not that fine powder of metal coming out when I have abrasive spills , storing is compact neat .