Thermos Shuttle Chef Thermal Cooker 4.5L Brown

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Thermos Shuttle Chef (Japanese Edition)

  • Slow cook your food for a half day in the heat generated by the initial cooking. 
  • Keeps food heated two times longer than usual thermal cookers. 

Save energy while preserving all the nutrients and vitamins in your food. Thermos Shuttle Chef® shallow inner pot allows for easy handling while its 5mm reinforced base ensures that food does not get over cooked or burnt. You only need to spend a short time preparing the food in the morning to have a hot meal later in the day.

KBG-4500 CBW
Cooking pot capacity (liter) 4.5L
Color Brown
Cooking pot diameter
Body size
30 × 24.5 × 17.5cm
Net weight  3.1Kg
Cooking pot Bottom 3layer construction