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Get started with your Happycall Double Pan

Get started with your Happycall Double Pan

A Happycall double pan is a useful cooking tool, but it must be maintained properly, just like any other cookware. Because of this, we provide a comprehensive online user guide and recipes for both beginners and experienced users.

The user guide contains instructions on how to use and maintain the machine. You should read the entire guide before using it. 

For example, Happycall designed a double pan that can be detached, but it cannot be detached by force. There is an oil trap, and we can learn how to cook without oil and water accumulating.

We update our user guide regularly because Happycall continually upgrades its products.

To help users learn, we also designed a series of recipes.

  • Click here for the Happycall double pan online user guide.
  • Click here for Happycall double pan recipes.


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