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Cuckoo 3-Cup Multifunction Rice Cooker CR-0351F

by Cuckoo
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The smallest Cuckoo rice cooker

It is the smallest Cuckoo rice cooker on the market, with a capacity of 3 cups. This cooker can cook even a half cup of rice!

The rice cooker has a feature to cook different kinds of rice and porridge. Additionally, it has a preset timer and a warm function for up to 48 hours. Due to its small size, it is perfect for many modern families and can be stored in small apartments and caravans with ease.

Cuckoo rice cookers are known for their ability to cook various types of rice and their excellent quality. Using this small rice cooker will be a pleasure.


Type Electric rice cooker/warmer
Capacity 3 cups
Voice navigation None
Voltage & Electric Rating 240V 425W
Warranty 12-month warranty
Glutinous rice, brown rice, mixed rice, turbo glutinous rice, porridge
Navigation panel
Press button
Screen type Blue LED
Model CCR-0351F
Accessories Measuring cup, rice scoop holder
Country of origin Korea
Australian plugs and Australian safety standards
User manual English, Korean, Chinese
  • This item is not available for shipping to New Zealand.
  • The capacity is to serve as a general guide for jasmine rice. Your package of rice should contain information about the water to rice ratio of different types of rice, such as brown rice and sushi rice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bob Murray
Great Product and Service

The Cuckoo 3-Cup Rice Cooker arrived only the day after I ordered it, now that is great sevivce as I live in counrty NSW. It came well packed with recycled cardboard. The instructions on setting the clock were hard to understand, YouTube fixed that. The quality of rice cooked by it is just great, cooked to perfection with no overcooked grains on the bottom. I use Low GI Doongara Rice. I can certainly recommend this rice cooker, especially when a small one is required as it will even cook a half a cup, that is a single serve.
Bob M.

IÔÇÖm sorrry

The instructions for this rice cooker are beyond useless! There is not much better help online either you have to do a couple of test runs and hope for the best and work it out on your own. I would try and offer you some tips but I want you to suffer the same as I did. Sorry!

Thank you for your feedback. The Cuckoo 3-cup rice cooker is designed to be simple and multifunctional. Usually, you just add rice and water, then press the cook button. The cooker does the rest. If you're encountering issues not covered in the user guide, please remember we're here to help and you can contact us anytime for support.

Yan Ding
Highly Recommend!

Everything is just perfect! Thank you!

Lachlan Murdoch
Very happy with my Cuckoo!

Delivery was quick (and well-packaged). IÔÇÖve only used a cheapy rice cooker so this is quite a change. It cooks short grain rice and jasmine rice really well, not at all gluggy. Basmati is also good but probably not much different to a regular cooker. HavenÔÇÖt tried brown rice yet. It does take a little longer though than a standard rice cooker so you just have to think a little ahead. Instructions are cute but could be better in English especially in regard to different types of rice. It also looks really neat, an added bonus!

Cuckoo 3 cup rice cooker

If you are looking for a rice cooker that cooks rice perfectly look no further. This is fantastic. The best brown rice I have ever had. Also the delivery was super quick, packed very well. Highly recommend product and store.