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Tiger Electric Water Heater, Boiler and Warmer 4L PDU-A40A

by Tiger
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This Japanese-made electric water boiler and warmer is a perfect water heating solution for the modern family. You can get hot water at different temperatures at anytime for your coffee, tea or milk bottle senitising.

  • Please be sure to read the entire user guide before using the device. The electrical part is not washable.
  • There may be a smell of resin for the first several times you cook. It will go away with use. Heat water and totally dispense of it at least once before the first use.


Features Empty-pot safety shut off 
Auto-lock system
Spill protection
Energy-saving setting
4 Temperature settings 98°C - for coffee or black tea
90°C - for Oolong tea or hot cocoa
80°C - for green tea
Dimension 232 x 304 x 25mm
Capacity 4L
Voltage 240 volts
Interior material Non-stick layer
Exterior material Stainless steel
Country of origin Japan

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