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Happycall Double Pan Review | My Cookware Australia®

Happycall Double Pan Review | My Cookware Australia®

The search for helpful, honest, yet fair reviews of the Happycall double pan can be daunting. The sheer number of reviews posted online can be overwhelming. While there are many reviews praising its performance and ability to cook food beautifully, there are also reviews complaining about leakage. Which ones tell the truth?

The in-depth review we share here is based on our perspective as a retailer and the feedback we have gotten from our customers. We recognise that not all Happycall double pan users may agree with the opinions posted on our site.

By the time we published this article, we had developed and tested about 10 Happycall double pan recipes, and we are working with a chef in NSW's central coast to develop more. We feel qualified to judge the cookware; this review aims to inform you of most common positive and negative aspects of the product. After reading this review, you will have a better understanding of the double pan.

If you do not bother to read the user guide or the recipes, the double pan will not work.

Happycall's commercial video presents perfection, but real life does not work that way. This is the general opinion we hear from our customers, even though they enjoy using the Happycall double pans.

Our recipe videos give you a better understanding of how the Happycall double pan actually works. When our demonstrator follows the chicken recipe, for instance, the oil traps are filled with juice. The cookware makes cooking easier, but it is not a magical pan. Smoke and spills are reduced substantially, but they are not 100% eliminated, especially when we have to open the pan to season or add ingredients.

Video is an effective tool for showing the limitations and advantages of cookware. It demonstrates how the given product actually works. We recommend you watch all the videos we post related to the double pan. They are not long, and each one is informative. You will not only see how recipes are executed step by step, but you will also gain familiarity with the product's features and performance.

Happycall double pan by My Cookware Australia

Does the double pan leak?

Double pans do not leak. In fact, this is the primary feature of Happycall double pans. However, you must understand how they are designed and how you must use them.

Without the silicone gasket, these pans will leak. If you do not clean the oil trap when flipping, your cooktop will be messy. There is also a steam vent. Flip the pan while tilting it at a slant, or the juice will escape from the hole that is designed to vent steam from the back.

You do not have to worry about leaks with the Happycall double pan if you follow our recipes and user guide. Happycall deserves credit for this. All of the complaints we receive about leakage are a result of the customer not understanding the design of the Happycall double pan.

Happycall double pan

Can the double pan create a grill effect? Is the other side cold when flipped?

A grill effect depends on how well heat is conducted on both sides.

We compared different models of Happycall double pans. The first model was released in 1999, and the latest one was released in 2021. By placing a chicken of similar weight in both, we found the latest model can produce better results. This is due to the improved heat conduction.

An important feature is not how fast the device heats up, but how evenly it distributes heat. The uncut video that we filmed in 2020 uses the Happycall Titanium Double Pan 2018 model. As you can see, the grill results were acceptable, but not exceptional. We used the double pan mode released in 2021 (Happycall IH Synchro Double Pan 2021) in another video we filmed in 2021, and the skin was beautifully grilled* (please see note).

Compared to the oil spills and grease that we need to clean after cooking food in an oven, the Happycall double pans are a huge improvement.

*Note: Please understand there is a difference between food preferences in Asia and the West. If you would like the chicken to be dryer, heat it for another 5 minutes.

Who should not use Happcyall double pans? Does the food get burned or does it ever get soggy?

Grilled Chicken by Happycall Double Pans

If you have read this article up to this point, you are obviously interested in the product. What skill level do you have in the kitchen?

Happycall double pans are recommended for users who have basic cooking skills. If you are new to cooking and still learning about heat control, you will need more time to learn how to handle Happycall double pans. If you know the basics, you will become comfortable with the cookware more easily.

Let's state the obvious: It is a double pan, and this means you cannot see the food when the lid is closed. You need general cooking experience to know how long it will take to cook food, even if there are recipes to follow.

It is important to use the correct heat (medium or medium high) to heat the pan for concealed cooking, otherwise the food will get soggy -- probably too moist to your liking. The cookware can be fully mastered by an experienced cook after testing it one or two times.

Also, the product is not lightweight. The standard pan weighs about 1.7kg, and the jumbo size weighs about 1.9kg. With food, the pan will weigh even more. This cookware is not recommended for people with wrist issues.

The lifetime of non-stick cookware is limited.

If you were told that your non-stick cookware can be used for as long as 10 years, you have reason to doubt this promise. There truly might be non-stick cookware that can last up to 10 years, but it has to be maintained very well, including careful heat control, seasoning, and cleaning.

Based on our experience, non-stick cookware typically lasts between 2 and 4 years, depending on frequency of use. This is also the life expectancy of the Happycall double pans. In contrast, cookware made from carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel could last up to 10 years or even a lifetime, but they all have other limitations.

Every cookware has its pros and cons. Cookware is never 100% suitable for all customers. Our goal as a cookware retailer is to make sure our customers understand the advantages and limitations of each product.

You may find more information by reading the product descriptions on our website.

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Kai is the author of the article. Kai is our product specialist at My Cookware®.

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