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Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)

by Buffalo
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About Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)

This is a small stainless steel rice cooker that can cook as little as a half cup of rice and as much as 3 cups. That's 1-6 bowls of rice.

Buffalo mini stainless steel smart rice cooker is one of the smallest multifunction rice cookers available in Australia. The manual and buttons are both easy to use. It has a simple design that fits well with a modern kitchen.

Due to its stainless steel construction, the insert can be used to wash rice directly. It provides an alternative to cooking rice.

Using a stainless steel rice cooker

Stainless steel is indeed a popular material for cookware. Customers should know a few things before purchasing. As an example, after the rice is cooked, it needs to be kept inside for 10 more minutes. The water level needs to be adjusted appropriately. Cleaning stainless steel surfaces may differ from cleaning other surfaces.

It is a relatively small rice cooker, so the process of cooking has to be slow. Cooking rice takes approximately 40 minutes.

You can find all these details in the user guide on our website:

  • More information about cooking rice with stainless steel rice cooker. 
  • More information about cleaning and maintaining stainless steel cookware.

Quick notes:

  • Capacity is measured in the approximately 160ml rice measuring cup.
  • It is always wise to allow a bit extra water when you cook less than two cups.
  • Please turn off the power once the cooking time is completed. Let the rice sit for 10 minutes for better result.
Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)
Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)

The Signature Stainless Steel Insert

It is also made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Its durable, stainless steel construction means no coating will come off, and the cooker offers the most modern cooking methods.

Distinct Cooking Functions to Meet Diverse Tastes

Rice function: Just add the appropriate level of water according to the instructions, and the cooker will do its job in 40 minutes.

Porridge: You can make perfect porridge by simply adding rice and water and then pressing one button. No need to worry about porridge spilling over.

Soup: The heating method is quiet and slow. It can cook soup within 4 hours.

Yogurt: Use slow cooking to make your own yogurt. It can do the job in 12 hours.)

Stew: You can steam, stir fry, and stew food directly in the cooker. Since the insert is made of stainless steel, there is no need to worry about utensils or bones scratching the surface.

Preset function: All functions mentioned above can be preset. The start time can be preset within a 24-hour time frame.

New Computer Panel

Very user-friendly, and all buttons are quick and responsive.

Easy to Clean

All the major components of the cooker can be taken out for cleaning, and it is easy to reinstall them.

NTC Precise Temperature Control

Temperature under control to prevent spillover and get the best result.

Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)


Capacity 1.6L / 3 cups (cook as little as a half cup of raw rice)
Voltage / power 240 Volt / Max 490W
Dimension 206 x 192 x 188mm
Item weight 2.3kg with stainless steel insert
Insert Outer diameter 18cm / Inner diamater 14.5cm / height 9.7cm
Insert material 304 stainless steel
Accessories Measuring cup, spoon and Australian power cord
Colour White
Manual English
Country of origin China
Buffalo Stainless Steel Mini Smart Rice Cooker (3 cups)


Rice to water ratio for stainless steel rice cooker

Please note that the instruction below is general advice only. Rice and water ratio may vary depending on the nature and mixture of rice.

Rice / Model

3/5/6-cup model (KW86/62/70)
10-cup model (KW57 /79)

Jasmine / Short Grain

Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.2 
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1

Basmati / Long Grain

Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.5

Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5 

Brown Rice

Soak brown rice or few hours
or overnight
Ratio 1 : 1.5
(not recommended for KW62)

Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5 

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