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Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality

Happycall MODL Nonstick Induction Griddle - 33cm

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Happycall MODL Nonstick Induction Griddle - 33cm

The Happycall MODL Nonstick Induction Griddle, measuring 33cm, is a culinary tool that harmonises modern cooking needs with the rich traditions of Korean cuisine.

Its curved design is is functional, channeling excess fats from meats to the centre for a healthier cooking result with that coveted golden-brown sear. This pan is not just for grilling; it acts as a flavour hub when you place mushrooms, garlic, or kimchi in the middle, allowing them to soak up the savoury juices and enhance their taste profiles.

The griddle doubles as a stir-fry pan, making it a multitasking piece of cookware ideal for a variety of dishes. Its generous size accommodates ample servings, making it an indispensable item for both indoor and outdoor cooking adventures.

What is traditional Korean griddle?

A Korean griddle, characterised by its expansive and flat cooking area, is a staple in traditional Korean cuisine. This versatile cookware is perfect for grilling a variety of foods, including meats, seafood, and vegetables. It's particularly renowned for its use in cooking classic Korean dishes such as Bulgogi and Galbi, allowing for even cooking and authentic flavour.

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    Dimensions Diameter 33mm, length 403mm with handle,
    height 38mm
    Body thickness  5mm
    Weight  About 1.2kg
    Body material  Aluminum (97% purity), stainless steel and titanium
    Interior coating Ceramic nonstick (Ceranix Pro)
    PFOA free Flawless PFOA 0%. Free of lead and cadmium.
    Hobs compatibility Induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen
    Dishwasher safe No
    Oven safe No
    Country of manufacture South Korea
    User manual Enclosed in the package
    Internal and external certifications
    • Titanium and graphene layers tested
    • ISO 9001 international quality recognition
    • ISO 14001 international quality recognition
    • Far-infrared radiation tested
    • Heavy metal tested (no environmentally harmful substance was found)
    • PFOA tested - Flawless 0%

    Differences between Synchro and other basic models

    Happycall IH Synchro double pan has 11 layers, with titanium and stainless steel layers protecting the graphene core. These layers improve heating efficiency and durability. 

    Click here to see differences between various Happycall Doubel Pan models and sizes.

    Which double pans on the market are authentic?

    • Happycall is the top cookware brand in Korea. They designed their first double pan in 1999 and have a couple of patented technologies registered in Japan and the U.S.
    • My Cookware Australia® is the authorised reseller of Happycall products in Australia. Click here to view all Happycall Double Pans. 
    • Ensure your purchase is covered with an Australian warranty. Customer service is available in Australia.
    • Happycall should be in one word. Any products in name of "Happy Call" is not genuine.
    Safety certifications
    • PFOA tested: Free 0%
    • Graphene and titanium layers tested
    • ISO 9001 international quality recognition
    • ISO 14001 international quality recognition
    • The pressure-baking device is patented (Patent No. 03501858)
    • The patent has been registered in the U.S and Japan
    • Heavy metal tested (no environmentally harmful substance was found) 
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Love it

    Light… and perfect to shallow fry and making roti. Thank you

    Grant Rudrum
    Great griddle for many different uses.

    I have used this griddle several times already, not just for Korean cooking. It is particularly great for cooking sausages as all the fat drains to the middle where it can be easily removed.