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Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality

Hasemoto Pure Titanium Wok 30cm - Made in Japan

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Hasemoto Titanium Wok

Hasemoto Pure Titanium Wok 30cm

Titanium is a lightweight, stable, and exceptionally strong metal. It weighs about half of the average steel, it is as strong as stainless steel. Titanium is extremely acid-resistant and does not corrode easily.

Hasemoto has more than half a century of metalcraft tradition in Japan. Known for its pure titanium cookware, we also trust this brand.

Note: pure titanium cookware comes with a protective layer of food-grade silicone resin. This coating is designed to wear off slowly through normal use.

What is pure titanium?

Pure titanium is considered a safe choice for cookware because it is non-toxic, stable, resistant to acid degradation, and will not affect the taste of food. 

  • Lightweight (about 0.8kg)
  • Strong as stainless steel
  • Excellent durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Compatible with most cooktops, EXCEPT induction


Top diameter 303mm 
Bottom diameter 120mm (flat bottom)
Length with handle 475mm
Capacity 3L
Height 86mm (wok body)
Thickness 1mm
Body material 99.9% of Titanium 
Handle Natural wood (beech)
Country of manufacture Japan
Item weight (approx) 0.74kg
Hobs compatibility Gas, electric and ceramic
Dishwasher safe No
English and Japanese

Care and Maintenance

Before First Use: Season with Oil
  • It is common for a layer of titanium oxide to gradually accumulate on the surface of the pan/wok after use.
  • First, wash the frying pan’s inner and outer surface with dish soap. Once you have seasoned the inner surface with oil, you can use it right away.
  • Pour in enough oil to fill about 1/3 of your frying pan’s capacity and heat it on low for about 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and return it to its oil pot or other suitable container.
  • Use paper towels to spread the remaining oil fully around the pan's inner surface. 
Start cooking and cleaning
  • Heat the pan and oil together. Use plenty of oil.
  • Use low to medium heat level on your stove top. Pay attention to the oil - once you see signs of a heat wave, turn the heat down to low heat or stay at low heat.
  • Once you are this setting you can start putting your ingredients.
  • Pure titanium pans are not storage containers. When finished cooking, put any leftovers in an appropriate container.
  • Use a scrub sponge to wash it with warm water. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.
  • When done, rinse the pan off and wipe it dry.
  • Titanium does not oxidise. There is no need to use oil to season it.

Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eliza Lo
Hasemoto Pure Titanium Wok 30 cm

It’s a perfect wok to cook. After cooking for a few times I’ve found the wok is non stick as long as I put more oil than I usually did. It hits up fast on medium heat. I love it!

catherine Lee

Excellent ,good product, fast delivery