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Located in Australia  ✲  New arrival sale

Joyoung DJ13S-P90 Superfine Grinding Soy Milk Maker

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Current price $299.00

  • English control panel with touch screen, Chinese & English instructions.
  • More suitable for Chinese family. Designed for traditional Chinese meals. Functioned for Grains, dry/soaked beans, Rice paste, Nut milk, Porridge etc.
  • With time and temperature presets, delivering warm or hot drinks at any time needed.
  • By largely grinding the soybeans with the high speed motor of 20000r/min, it is effective to make the soymilk more delicious, smooth and fine.(Note:Soybean milk still has bean residue.)
  • Achieving adding ingredients by unique 60 seconds power-on memory functions, makes more Humanize and convenient cooking behavior.