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Tiger 4-in-1 Multifunctional Rice Cooker 10 Cups JAX-S18A

by Tiger
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Tiger IH Multi-functional Rice Cooker

4-in-1 refers to the four main functions: cooking rice, synchronised cooking (cooking dishes with rice), slow cooking and steam cooking.

There are 8 options on the rice cooker menu.

  • Plain Rice: White rice only.
  • Synchro-Cooking: Rice and side dishes together. It is also called TA-COOK.
  • Quick: White rice only and a faster cooking time.
  • Porridge: White rice porridge only.
  • Sweet Rice: Seasoned rice or sticky rice.
  • Brown Rice: Brown rice.
  • Multigrain Rice: Whole grain. 

    Model number
    Capacity 10 cups, 1.8L
    Voltage 230-240 volt / 50-60 Hz
    281W x 245H x 372D mm
    Accessories 180ml measuring cup, rice scoop, silicone steamer (BPA free)
    Country of origin Japan
    User manual English