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Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality
Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Quality

Tosa Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal for Konro Grill - 12KG Original Package

by Tosa
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Made in Japan Binchotan

Traditionalists consider only binchotan produced in Kishu, Tosa, and Hyuga as authentic binchotan. Their density and thermal power are significantly different.

Standard Tosa Binchotan: 12KG - Made in Japan

Tosa Binchotan from Kochi is known for its dense makeup and clean burn. Top chefs choose it for the reliable, high heat it delivers, perfect for grilling. Among our loyal customers are grill restaurants who order regularly, and individuals purchasing for cooking shows.

  • The standard grade: small cuts.
  • The premium grade: quarter cuts.

Traditionalists always insist that only binchotan produced in the following regions of Japan can truly be called binchotan:

The difference in results can be significant. Always ask where your binchotan was produced if it is not stated.

What is Tosa Binchotan?

Tosa binchotan is a type of Japanese charcoal that is known for its high quality. It is made from Ubame oak trees, which are grown in the Tosa region of Japan. Tosa binchotan is hard and dense, and it produces a metallic sound when struck. This makes it a superior choice for grilling, as it burns evenly and for a long time.

In Japan, there are three major sources of premium binchotan white charcoal. They are Kishu binchotan (Wakayama), Tosa binchotan (Kochi) and Hyuga binchotan (Miyazaki). Tosa binchotan is rated as one of the top three quality products.

Binchotan: Important Details & Precautions

  • Each KG pack is a package within a carton and contains at least the specified amount of charcoal.
  • All orders will be posted with care.
  • We are unable to ship charcoal products to New Zealand.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges of charcoal products.
  • Be sure to read the entire user guide before using the product. It must be used outdoors. Keep it out of the reach of children.

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User Guide, Recipes, and Review

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DISCLAIMER: Charcoal is a natural product that demands careful handling both during use and storage. It is especially crucial to be cautious while lighting it, as sparks may fly. Keep the product away from children.

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Premium Tosa Binchotan Japanese White Charcoal for Konro Grill

The best grilling charcoal by far!

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Surely charcoal is just charcoal? How wrong I was. Spend a few extra $ with the extra burn time you will save a few $.

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