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Beware of Fake Products | My Cookware Australia®

Beware of Fake Products | My Cookware Australia®

Customers should read this article carefully before purchasing a Hapycall double pan.

Recently a handful of customers placed orders online for Happycall products, but they haven't received their products or instead they received fake products sent from overseas. Please ensure that you made the purchase from us or authorised dealers in Australia.

The following images illustrate why fake products are not acceptable. Materials are unknown, the paint may be harmful, and even the gasket is not made from heat-resistant silicone. These fake products can also be found on popular third-party websites. Some customers received fake goods, while others received cheaper alternatives.

Facebook and Google are working to eliminate illegal websites, but customers must be careful which websites they purchased their products from.

My Cookware Australia is the top Happycall reseller in Australia. Our website carries all genuine Happycall double pans.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our team will respond to all messages within one business day. 

Beware of Fake Products | My Cookware Australia®


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