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Happycall IH Synchro (Detachable) Double Pan - Jumbo Grill

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Happycall IH Synchro double pan in standard size

The Happcall double pan allows food to be grilled beautifully while reducing smoke and oil spills. Moisture and juices are retained for delicious results. Happycall's IH Sycnhro is the top model of its range of double pans, featuring a modern design and being compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

My Cookware Australia® designs step-by-step recipes for both new and experienced users, as the cookware is fairly new in Australia.

Our customers receive detailed user guides and recipes with every purchase. Only genuine Happycall double pans provide outstanding quality. 

  • Latest model released in 2021
  • Premium quality made in Korea
  • Australian warranty and customer service
  • Genuine products from My Cookware Australia® 
  • New user tips with five basic recipes provided
  • 2 free silicone gaskets - one installed and one spare
  • More sophisticated recipes (My Cooking Journey) for experienced users

Happycall, a leading Korean cookware brand, invented the double pan in 1999. Since then, improvements are made every year. 

The current double pans are detachable for easy cleaning. The 11 layers provide better durability. The pan heats not only faster, but also more evenly. With the detachable design, one side of the pan can be used as a normal frying pan, and the other side can convert the cookware into a double pan whenever needed.

Why buy genuine Happycall Double Pan?

Specifications (scroll left and right)

Dimensions Width 312mm, length 250mm (473mm with handle),
depth 73mm
Body thickness 5mm
Weight About 1.9kg
Body material Graphene and aluminum (97% purity)
Internal 6 layers incl. titanium & stainless steel layers
External 5 layers incl. silica layers
Handle material Bakelite. Magnets built into the handle keep two halves
closed easily.
PFOA Free Flawless PFOA 0%
Hobs compatibility

Induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen

Dishwasher  Yes
Country of manufacture South Korea
Silicone gasket Comes with 1 silicone gasket, plus a spare
Australian warranty  One-year replacement warranty
Refund & exchange policy
User manual Download 
Maintenance & user guide Click here

What are the difference between Synchro and other basic models?

Happycall IH Synchro double pan has 11 layers, with titanium and stainless steel layers protecting the graphene core. These layers improve heating efficiency and durability.

Happycall Graphene Cookware

Click here to see differences between various Happycall Doubel Pan models and sizes.

Internal and external certifications

  • PFOA tested: Free 0%
  • Graphene and titanium layers tested
  • ISO 9001 international quality recognition
  • ISO 14001 international quality recognition
  • The pressure-baking device is patented (Patent No. 03501858)
  • The patent has been registered in the U.S and Japan
  • Heavy metal tested (no environmentally harmful substance was found)


    There are many double pans on the market, but which ones are genuine?
    • Happycall is the top cookware brand in Korea. They designed their first double pan in 1999 and have a couple of patented technologies registered in Japan and the U.S.
    • There are many imitations, so Happycall released its latest versions last year, including detachable double pans.
    • My Cookware Australia® is the authorised reseller of Happycall products in Australia. Click here to view all Happycall Double Pans. 
    • Please buy genuine Happycall to ensure the best quality cooking experience. All Happycall products are proudly made in Korea.
    • Please also ensure your purchase is covered with an Australian warranty. Customer service is available in Australia.
    • Happycall should be in one word. Any products in name of "Happy Call" is not genuine.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Grant Van Dongen

    Happycall IH Synchro (Detachable) Double Pan - Jumbo Grill

    Brenda Bousfield

    Happycall IH Synchro (Detachable) Double Pan - Jumbo Grill

    Gary McCullough
    Great design

    Great design. Easy to clean. We have a gas hob and find the food is tending to burn possibly due to the thickness of the metal even when the flame is turned right down. Need to experiment on height to flame

    Kenneth Duncan
    Happy Pan

    I have used it 3 times so far.very pleased with all results. Glad I bought the large size as I cooked a whole chicken in it after I butterflied it pleased that it is easy to clean.

    Deb Schellen
    Very messy

    When I flip the pan over, there is a drain hole and juice/oil goes all over the cook top, very messy, not what I expected, probably wont use it, dissapointed considering how expensive it was.

    The following tips can be found in our user guides and recipes. Once you understand how this simple design works, you can make many good recipes using this pan, just like other customers here on our review page.

    .Before flipping, please clean the oil trap if it is dirty.

    .Flip the pan while tilting it at a slant, or the juice will escape from the hole that is designed to vent steam from the back.

    .Please watch the full video in our online user guide at the website link below:

    .In the video, 00:11 tilt your pan up when flipping it; 00:33 clean the oil trap if it's dirty. Please also see points 8 and 10 of the user guide.

    We hope this information is helpful.