Cookcell Hybrid Stainless Steel Non-stick Frypan 20cm

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Diameter 20cm
Height 4.7cm
Weight 0.8kg
Material Non-stick coated plus 304 stainless steel (PFOA free)
Structure S3 Ply (SUS+Al+SUS)
Country of origin Korean designed product and made in China
Patent registration Germany, China and Korea

The dots have convex and concave structure on its surface. The combination of the two materials (stainless & non-stick coating) solves the stick problem of the ordinary stainless steel wok.

As the stainless steel dots sits above the non-stick coating, it protects non-stick coating from being scratched by metallic utensils. 


  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Durable nonstick
  • Fast heat conductivity
  • Compatible with all cooktops: gas, electric, ceramic and induction

    Tips: stainless kitchenware is recommended to cook on low to medium heat after the temperature has risen.