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Christmas Delivery: Australia Post's Cut-off Dates

Cookcell Hybrid Stainless Steel Nonstick Induction Frypan - 20cm

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Cookcell Hybrid Stainless Steel Non-stick Frypan 20cm


Diameter 20cm
Height 4.7cm
Weight 0.8kg
Material Non-stick coated plus 304 stainless steel (PFOA free)
Structure S3 Ply (SUS+Al+SUS)
Country of origin Korean designed product and made in China.
Polyflon coating with Daikin Japan.
Patent registration Germany, China and Korea
Warranty 1 Year

What is hybrid honeycomb structure?

Cookcell uses a honeycomb stainless steel structure to protect its non-stick layer and allows use of metal utensils.

Hybrid refers to a combination of stainless steel and a non-stick layer in a frypan or wok. The stainless steel is made with a honeycomb design, and the non-stick layer fills the inside of the honeycomb holes. That is why when we scratch the wok with a metal utensil, the non-stick layer remains intact.


  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Durable nonstick
  • Even heat conductivity
  • Dishwashable
  • Oven safe up to 260°C
  • Compatible with all cooktops: gas, electric, ceramic and induction

    Preheating and use of oil is important because there is a thick layer of stainless steel to protect the non-stick layer. Please cook on medium heat all times. Add some oil first, and then preheat the wok for 30-60 seconds, or until you feel the surface is reasonably hot enough for cooking.

    The non-stick layer could be damaged by high heat similar to other non-stick cookware. Proper heating and maintenance are needed for continued good performance.

    • Once the pan has been preheated, cooking on low to medium heat is recommended.
    • Do not cook on high heat as it will damage the non-stick layers.
    • Use of oil is recommended.
    • Wash your new wok in order to remove all the protective oil layers from the manufacturer.
    • Ensure to read the entire user guide before use.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Patricia Taylor (dolphinbay2013)
    great frypan

    am loving my pan - love that it doesn’t have any attachment hardware on the inside too - just a great product :-)