Cookcell Hybrid Stainless Steel Non-stick Wok 28cm

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Diameter: 28cm
Height: 8.3cm
Material: Non-stick coated plus 304 stainless steel (PFOA free)
Structure: S3 Ply (SUS+Al+SUS)
Country of origin: China, Korean designed product
Patent registration: Germany, China and Korea

The dots have convex and concave structure on its surface. The combination of the two materials (stainless & non-stick coating) solves the stick problem of the ordinary stainless steel wok.

As the stainless steel dots sits above the non-stick coating, it protects non-stick coating from being scratched by metallic utensils. 

What is Cookcell Cube Technology?


  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Durable nonstick
  • Fast heat conductivity
  • Compatible with all cooktops: gas, electric, ceramic and induction

    Tips: stainless kitchenware is recommended to cook on low to medium heat after the temperature has risen.