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Black Friday Sale    •    Ends 30 Nov    •    Up to 40% Off
Black Friday Sale    •    Ends 30 Nov    •    Up to 40% Off

Happycall Double Pan Recipes

The product comes with a user guide, which includes five basic recipes provided by us. The user guide is designed to support new users in the process of testing new recipes as they gain comfort and familiarity with the cookware.

Video tutorials in this page clearly demonstrate instructions from the user guide. These videos show the whole cooking process with double pans. Many users find these videos helpful.

Please refer to the links below.

Wagyu Steak (We always recommend new users to try steak first.)

Snapper fillet

Whole chicken (In this video, we cooked a 1.6kg whole chicken in a double pan in jumbo size.)

Paella (new recipe!)

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