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Cuckoo IH TWIN Pressure Rice Cooker 10 Cups CRP-JHT1010F

by Cuckoo
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Experience the best rice cookers from No.1 Korean brand – Cuckoo. 

This rice cooker is the top model with pressure and IH induction heating. Pressure brings the rice cooker to a higher temperature, and induction cooking allows a surrounding heat. It is especially good for brown rice and ensures that each single grain evenly absorbs heat, producing the best results.

Twin pressure offers a more flexible temperature control.  

  • IH cooking - heat is 360 degrees
  • Pressure cooking - reach a higher boiling point
  • High heat cooking - for many varieties of rice
  • Double airtight - keeps rice fresh for a longer time
  • High-tech keep warm - adjust temperature level
  • Thick stainless steel inner lid - better heat absorption
  • Pressure-cooking option or no pressure cooking option
  • Auto steam cleaning
  • Voice guide - English, Korean and Mandarin
  • Accessories - Rice scoop, measuring cup, steam plate, cleaning pin
Pressure type Induction Heating plus twin pressure technology (high pressure
mode cooking / non-pressure mode cooking)
Capacity 10 Cups
Voice navigation KOR, ENG, CHN
Voltage 240 Volt / 50 Hz
Warranty 12-month warranty
Nutritious rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, mixed rice, sushi rice,
germinated brown rice (GABA), high heat nutritious rice, high heat
brown rice, high heat mixed rice, high heat glutinous rice, multi-
cook, turbo glutinous rice, chicken soup, porridge
Additoinal features
Washable cover packing and auto steam cleaning
Inner coating
Diamond coating
Pot material
Curved X-wall stainless steel inner pot
Screen type White LED display
Navigation panel Touch sensitive button
Model CRP-JHT1010F
Country of origin Korea
Safety features Remaining pressure emitting device, automatic steam emission
device, lock checking device, lid locking device, non-revertible
safety device, sensor for 3 dimensional warming, auto temperature
controlling device, pressure control device, secondary pressure
release device, soft steam cap, magnetic safety sensor, thermal
fuse, malfunction indicator, circuit board fuse, blocking protection
cover, electric current fuse, alarm for overheating, slow open
mechanism, secondary detachable cover detector, inner pot
detection device, pressure control device
Accessories Measuring cup, rice scoop holder, silicon team tray
User manual English, Korean, Chinese


What Is IH (induction heating) function?

IH means it doesn't use base heat like the conventional rice cooker. Instead, the heat is 360 degrees, which means rice, porridge, food and soup is cooked with far better results.

What is a pressure rice cooker? How are they different to conventional pressure rice cookers?

This process enables the rice cooker to reach a higher boiling point than when it is at a standard pressure (1 atm/105 Pa->100 degrees celsius). Pressure cookers can reach 120 to 150 degrees celsius. Cuckoo pressure rice cookers build more pressure, and thus have higher boiling point than a conventional pressure rice cooker.

What are the benefits of IH pressure cookers?

The rice cookers can reach higher boiling points. Not only does it reach a higher boiling point, but it shortens the time of cooking. When food/grain is cooked at higher heat within a short time, the food becomes softer and tender. As the whole inner pot (bottom and sides) is heated up instead of only bottom of the the inner pot (conventional rice/pressure cookers use a heat pan on the bottom), the rice is more evenly cooked. 

This is what makes the Cuckoo very popular in international markets.

*This item is not available for shipping to New Zealand.

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