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Green Life Stainless Steel Japanese Konro Grill - Medium 38cm (4-6 People)

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Green Life Stainless Steel Japanese Konro Grill / Hibachi Grill - Made in Japan

About Green Life Stainless Steel Konro Grill / Hibachi Grill

The stainless steel Japanese grill is a lightweight alternative to the traditional diatom mud konro grill or clay konro grill. A konro grill is always called a hibachi grill in Australia.

The design of the main body highlights the Japanese style and colors. There are two parts: a charcoal cage and a main body. The cage can be taken out for cleaning after cooling down.

The konro grill is small and convenient for many outdoor areas. You can enjoy easy yakitori and other Japanese barbeque recipes with this handy stainless steel grill.

Please refer to our English user guide, which can be accessed via a QR code that comes with the product. For outdoor use only. Beware of extreme heat when using the grill.


Dimension L39cm x W19.5cm x H25cm
Grill mesh
1 reusable Japanese grill mesh - medium 35cm included.
You can buy reusable mesh on our website.
Weight About 4kg
Serving size 4-6 persons
Body: stainless steel
Mesh: steel wire (unichrome plated)
Country of origin Grill made in Japan
Mesh made in China

Use with Caution

  • Stainless steel is a poor heat conductor, but the grill will be heated sufficiently with charcoal. Please use the product with care.
  • This product is for outdoor use only.
  • Do not use water to extinguish hot charcoal. You may let the charcoal completely burn out outdoors or place the charcoal in an extinguisher.
  • Use heat-resistant mitts to carry the grill or the cage.

Installation and Use

  • There are four handles: two for the main body and two for the charcoal cage. Install the handles on both sides of each piece. 
  • Place the metal plate inside the grill.
  • Place charcoal in the cage. Light the charcoal with a fire gun.
  • Then place the cage in the grill on top of the metal plate.
  • Place the grill net on top.
  • When you are done grilling, pull out the cage and dispose of the completely extinguished charcoal.
  • All items can be washed after cooling down.
  • Dry each piece completely after washing.
  • Do not leave the grill or any parts of the grill outside.

The donabe charcoal extinguishing pot is ideal for extinguishing binchotan Japanese white charcoal and reusing it next time.

The differences between konro grill and hibachi grill:

  • In Japan, hibachis are not really used for grilling.
  • A hibachi is a small indoor heater. It is called fire bowl (火鉢) in Japanese. 
  • See the package of the popular Okunoto Japanese grill. You will see 炭火バーベキューコンロ. This translates as "charcoal barbecue konro."
  • Japanese grills are known as konro grills. There are no hibachi grills in Japan.
  • Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual before the first use. The product comes with a QR Code for our online user guide in English.

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