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Freiz Rinto Multipot with Lid (2.2L) White

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Freiz Rinto Multipot with Lid (2.2L) White

*Stock will be available in late June.

Multipot - one pot for cooking and storing food. It is increasingly popular in Japan for cooking fast meals.

A multipot is a small, deep pot with a lid. The pot can be used for boiling, stir-frying (but not deep frying) and storing food in the refrigerator. As an example, it can be used to cook instant noodles, rice, and pasta.

Due to the instant noodle culture in Japan, many families purchased the pots for making noodles and realised that they were also very convenient for cooking other quick meals.

This pot has limitations. It is not suitable for cooking at high temperatures for a long time, such as deep frying or stewing for hours. It is designed to cook food on medium heat. 

  • The pot is induction compatible.
  • Add food only up to half its capacity.
  • Do not use in oven and microwave oven.
  • Avoid using metal utensils to prevent scratches. 
  • The handle will get hot. Always wear an oven mitt.
  • Please refer to our guide on how to use enamel cookware.
  • Enamel surface are not nonstick and will leave marks after cooking.

Be aware that enamel coatings will have imperfections over the edges. This is normal.

Freiz Rinto Multipot with Lid (2.2L) White

Be sure to read the entire instruction before using. 


Top diameter 16.5cm with pouring rim
Height 12.6cm / with lid 15.5cm
Length with handle. 24cm

Capacity 2.2L (add food only up to half its capacity.)
Material Aluminium with enamel surface
Country of Origin Thailand

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